If I Told You That You Could Get Up And Running With Your Own Brand New Boss Cool Room Quickly And Easily With Hardly Any Cash Of Your Own, Would You Be Interested?

Want to get started with your own cool room quickly and easily?
Are you sick of doing things the hard way and want to stop losing sales through lack of stock but leave your cash in the bank?
Tired of paying over priced hire rates to do a small job?

It’s super easy to get your new cool room, all you have to do is follow the steps below and before you know it you will be towing your brand new cool room trailer with you ready to work.

Here is the process to either paying up front or getting finance for your new cool room:

1. Fill in the form above or below to register to watch the video – please note we will not call you until you come back – either call us, email or fill in the form under the video; this allows you to absorb all the information before we talk and gives you the chance to be educated and informed in advance.

2. As soon as you press submit you will be led to a page that gives you the option to have the information package posted to you… either enter your address or press “no thanks”. Whichever way you do it, you will be led to the online video.

3. Watch the online video. It gives you a personal guided tour of all our cool rooms so you can see exactly what’s in them, how they all work and what’s best for you.

4. Once you have watched the video or DVD, make contact if you have further interest – either call us, email or fill in the form under the video

5. We can then go over questions you have, once we have worked everything out and you are happy, we take a $100 refundable deposit to put you in the system and reserve a production spot / cool room for you. Nothing is produced yet, it’s just reserved.

6. Next we raise an invoice with all specs of your chosen cool room and give you the finance broker’s details (if you need finance) – he needs your invoice so he can apply for finance for you. He won’t do anything until he talks with you – also you need to review the invoice and make sure you are clear on everything. If you’re not, just ring and ask.

7. Once your finance is approved, some finance papers will need to be signed and sent back to the finance company. This is just normal run-of-the-mill stuff. The finance broker will be talking with you through this process.

8. Once all paperwork is back, the finance company will release funds.  If you are paying with your own funds, we take a deposit to begin production.

9. We produce your cool room and add any equipment or shelving we discussed.  You are in the loop the entire way, we assist you with your compliance paperwork and send you pictures back and forth as things are happening.

10. Your new cool room is ready, get out and get going and work from the very first day. You can pick up or we can deliver, we discuss these options in Step 5 above.

The end result – you will have your very own, brand new, highly-reliable mobile cool room. All you need to do is turn the key and away you go, it really is that easy, but only if you take action. Start by filling in the form above or below to watch the detailed online video of our cool rooms.

To find out more about our easy finance, please register above or below. Please include any comments about what you are looking for, and please take the time to watch our informative online video that shows you all around our cool room packages on a personalised guided tour. You will see just how quick and easy they are to use and how, with no deposit, you can have yourself and your cool room out working in no time (please enquire early to avoid disappointment as we have a limited capacity and production can get booked out in advance).

Please note: The finance is via a broker; the criteria for applicants is that you need to be a permanent resident or citizen, and either working PAYG, or have had income on an ABN either as a sole trader or through your company.  Unfortunately Centrelink and Disability Pension do not qualify for finance.